Niche is a small team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We’re a unique blend of data scientists, engineers, parents, and “yinzers” who are passionate about helping you discover the schools and neighborhoods that are right for you.


Dave Koegler, Chief Financial Officer
Dave Koegler
Chief Financial Officer
Luke Skurman, Chief Executive Officer
Luke Skurman
Chief Executive Officer


Adam Baumgardner, Senior Product Analyst
Adam Baumgardner
Senior Product Analyst
Jordan Bazzani, Customer Success Manager
Jordan Bazzani
Customer Success Manager
Ryan Bell, Product Manager
Ryan Bell
Product Manager
Nate Bridi, Director of Design
Nate Bridi
Director of Design
Mitchell Briner
Product Analyst
Alex Caffee, Business and Marketing Analyst
Alex Caffee
Business and Marketing Analyst
Bethany Culley, Product Support Specialist
Bethany Culley
Product Support Specialist
Rebecca Dilla, Product Analyst
Rebecca Dilla
Product Analyst
Zac Ettensohn
Product Analyst
Jessica Hair, Media Relations
Jessica Hair
Media Relations
Jeana Hollis, Director of Marketing
Jeana Hollis
Director of Marketing
Abby Houston, Senior UI/UX Designer
Abby Houston
Senior UI/UX Designer
Jennie Johnson, Director of Product
Jennie Johnson
Director of Product
Kyla Kemmerer, Graphic Designer
Kyla Kemmerer
Graphic Designer
Daniel King, Senior Product Analyst
Daniel King
Senior Product Analyst
Maggie Kohlhas, Customer Success Coordinator
Maggie Kohlhas
Customer Success Coordinator
Carrie Law, Customer Success Coordinator
Carrie Law
Customer Success Coordinator
Lilly Madrid, Lead Business & Traffic Acquisition Specialist
Lilly Madrid
Lead Business & Traffic Acquisition Specialist
Emily Russell, Web Designer
Emily Russell
Web Designer
Ali Trachta, Content Writer/Editor
Ali Trachta
Content Writer/Editor
Mark Tressler, VP of Product
Mark Tressler
VP of Product
Melissa Wang, Product Manager
Melissa Wang
Product Manager


Jaclyn Anderson, Data Support Specialist
Jaclyn Anderson
Data Support Specialist
Laura Fetch, Manager of Data Analysis
Laura Fetch
Manager of Data Analysis
Adam Kurstin, Senior Data Analyst
Adam Kurstin
Senior Data Analyst
Aaron Miller, Senior Data Analyst
Aaron Miller
Senior Data Analyst
Daniel Salmon, Data Analyst
Daniel Salmon
Data Analyst


Juan Angel Rojas, Software Engineer
Juan Angel Rojas
Software Engineer
Stella Chung, Software Engineer
Stella Chung
Software Engineer
Nate Cochran, Back-End Technical Lead
Nate Cochran
Back-End Technical Lead
Kim Cooperrider, Front-End Technical Lead
Kim Cooperrider
Front-End Technical Lead
Joel Griffith, Software Engineer
Joel Griffith
Software Engineer
April Kaminsky, Quality Assurance Analyst
April Kaminsky
Quality Assurance Analyst
Spencer Kingman, Software Engineer
Spencer Kingman
Software Engineer
Joe McLaughlin, Lead Infrastructure Engineer
Joe McLaughlin
Lead Infrastructure Engineer
Geoff Misek, VP of Engineering
Geoff Misek
VP of Engineering
Kelly Munié, Quality Assurance Analyst
Kelly Munié
Quality Assurance Analyst
Brendan Murray, Quality Assurance Analyst
Brendan Murray
Quality Assurance Analyst
Austin Orth, Associate Infrastructure Engineer
Austin Orth
Associate Infrastructure Engineer
Elizabeth Pantalone, Quality Assurance Analyst
Elizabeth Pantalone
Quality Assurance Analyst
Alejandro Porras
Quality Assurance Analyst
Shawn Rancatore, Senior Software Engineer
Shawn Rancatore
Senior Software Engineer
Michael Scotto, Manager of Quality Assurance
Michael Scotto
Manager of Quality Assurance
Vivan Shah, Software Engineer
Vivan Shah
Software Engineer
Josh Smith, Software Engineer
Josh Smith
Software Engineer


Yolanda Belli, Director of People Operations
Yolanda Belli
Director of People Operations
Melissa Burnfield, Sr. Account Executive
Melissa Burnfield
Sr. Account Executive
Matt Dolan, Account Executive
Matt Dolan
Account Executive
Nick Dulac, Accounting Manager
Nick Dulac
Accounting Manager
Mark Eshelman
VP of Sales
Karisa Fernandez, Office Manager
Karisa Fernandez
Office Manager
Omid Gohari, Operations Manager
Omid Gohari
Operations Manager
Elsa Heffernan, Manager of Business Development
Elsa Heffernan
Manager of Business Development
Chrissy Liberati, Sales Support Specialist
Chrissy Liberati
Sales Support Specialist
Jonathan Martin, Account Executive
Jonathan Martin
Account Executive
Benjamin Michaux, Account Executive
Benjamin Michaux
Account Executive
Joe Szescila, Account Executive
Joe Szescila
Account Executive