Working at Niche
Niche is a team of data scientists, engineers, parents, and “yinzers” based in Pittsburgh, PA.
We believe people’s lives are made better by having the right resources to inform their biggest life decisions. Your ideas and work will make an immediate impact on our company and millions of users.
Our Culture is all about finding where you fit in, and that mission inspires how we operate every day in our office. Our management team is dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that encourages shared values, teamwork, and collaboration.
On top of that, we want Niche to be a place people truly enjoy working. In addition to offering great benefits, monthly employee happy hours, team building activities and free lunches, we routinely check in with employees, in formal and informal ways, to make sure we’re doing everything we can to ensure Niche is among the best places to work -- not just in Pittsburgh, but anywhere.
Our Values
Team Players
We are an inclusive community committed to a friendly and respectful workplace for everyone. We approach our work with a positive outlook and a high degree of empathy and integrity. We go the extra mile to help the team.
We are open and honest with each other. We're not afraid to challenge the status quo and make difficult choices. We encourage diverse viewpoints and expect everyone to play a key role.
We get things done. We're self-motivated and constantly striving to improve. We're here to build something great.
We are a data-driven organization that values rigor, repeatability and scale. We develop standards and processes to maximize our impact.
We are creative problem solvers. We're constantly teaching ourselves and learning from each other. We find ways around roadblocks when we hit them. We embrace change and adapt to achieve our goals.
Your ideas and work will make an immediate impact on our company and millions of users.
Our Team
  • Luke Skurman
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Dave Koegler
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Geoff Misek
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mark Tressler
    Chief Operating Officer
Product Management
  • Adam Baumgardner
    Sr. Product Analyst
  • Ryan Bell
    Product Manager
  • Mitchell Briner
    Product Analyst
  • Rebecca Dilla
    Product Analyst
  • Zachary Ettensohn
    Product Analyst
  • Nolly Gibbs
    Sr. Product Analyst
  • Daniel King
    Sr. Product Analyst
  • Melissa Wang
    Product Manager
  • Victoria Zhang
    Product Analyst
  • Nate Bridi
    Director of Design
  • Abby Houston
    Sr. UI/UX Designer
  • Kyla Kemmerer
  • Emily Russell
    Graphic Designer
  • Alex Caffee
    Business and Marketing Analyst
  • Jessica Hair
    Media Relations
  • Ali Trachta
    Content Writer/Editor
  • Laura Fetch
    Manager of Data Analysis
  • Jaclyn Anderson
    Data Quality Analyst
  • Adam Kurstin
    Senior Data Analyst
  • Aaron Miller
    Senior Data Analyst
  • Daniel Salmon
    Data Analyst
  • Kim Cooperrider
    Manager of Front-End Engineering
  • Vivan Shah
    Manager of Back-End Engineering
  • Nate Cochran
    Principal Software Engineer
  • Stella Chung
    Software Engineer
  • Joel Griffith
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Spencer Kingman
    Software Engineer
  • Brendan Murray
    Software Engineer
  • Shawn Rancatore
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Juan Angel Rojas
    Software Engineer
  • Josh Smith
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Courtney Thomas
    Technical Project Manager
Quality Assurance
  • Michael Scotto
    Director of Quality Assurance
  • Sabrina Aravena
    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • April Kaminsky
    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Kelly Munié
    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Elizabeth Pantalone
    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Alejandro Porras
    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Joe McLaughlin
    Manager of Infrastructure Engineering
  • Austin Orth
    Infrastructure Engineer
  • Zach Romitz
    Infrastructure Analyst
  • Dante Aubain
    Strategic Account Executive
  • Nick Dulac
    Accounting Manager
  • Sarah Gremba
    Office Manager
  • Omid Gohari
    Operations Manager
  • Ib Habeeb
    Director of People Development
  • Elsa Heffernan
    Manager of Business Development
  • Eva Morrison
    Business Development Associate
Customer Success
  • Jordan Bazzani
    Customer Success Manager
  • Bethany Culley
    Product Support Specialist
  • Karisa Fernandez
    Customer Success Coordinator
  • Maggie Kohlhas
    Customer Success Coordinator
  • Meghan Root
    Sales Support Specialist
  • Emily Seibel
    Sales Support Specialist
  • Sarah Wissinger
    Customer Success Coordinator
  • Mark Eshelman
    VP of Sales
  • Melissa Burnfield
    Sr. Account Executive
  • Matt Dolan
    Account Executive
  • Cassandra Hurt
    Account Manager
  • Jonathan Martin
    Account Executive
  • Benjamin Michaux
    Account Executive
  • Kevin O'Donnell
    Account Executive
  • Joe Szescila
    Account Executive
Your ideas and work will make an immediate impact on our company and millions of users.